Coping with Migraine Headaches

Download our guide to learn how DTx can support the mental health of migraine sufferers 
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What will you learn?

This white paper details the research that went into testing the efficacy of a digital therapeutic (Happify) on migraine sufferers. Download the paper to learn:

The physical & economic burden of migraines 
The process & methodologies of testing a digital therapeutic on migraine sufferers
The impact that digital therapeutics can have on reducing migraine symptoms & lowering costs

About Happify Health

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Happify Health is a global software-enabled healthcare platform focused on improving mental and physical health. Our scientifically-validated programs positively impact behavior across a continuum of need alongside providing access to solutions such as telehealth, AI-powered coaching, and therapeutics, as required, to improve peoples’ everyday lives. Today, the Happify Health platform is available globally in 10 languages, supports more than 10 chronic conditions, and covers more than 20 million lives.

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