Survey Results: What Gaps Do Insurers See in Their Digital Health Strategy?

Download the results of a  survey sent to over 2,000 senior leaders in healthcare.  Insurers grade their digital health transformation strategy and outline priorities & gaps. 
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What will you learn?

Payer survey reveals digital health gaps and trends. Download the paper to learn:

What member populations are insurers prioritizing? 
What do insurers see as the largest barrier to delivering an effective digital health strategy?
How do insurers grade their organization’s execution of their digital health transformation strategy?

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Happify Health is The Intelligent Healing Company™. We shorten the distance between need and care by configuring personalized digital therapeutics and care solutions at scale for the modern healthcare cloud. Our platform integrates AI with empathy, making healing more personal, precise, and connected for the entire care journey. We deploy a full spectrum of clinical-grade care solutions—including Digital Therapeutics, Coaching, Community, and Well-being products—for pharma, health plans, enterprises, and individuals everywhere.

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