Episode 18 | Season 1

Help for Those Suffering with Psoriasis 

A Happify Health Original Simulcast 

In this week’s podcast, Murray’s co-host is Eliane Boucher, Happify Health’s Senior Director of Research Strategy to share some news that will give hope to patients dealing with psoriasis. They’re joined by Theo Ahadome, SVP of commercialization at Happify, and Mohanad Fors, the Head of Global Commercial Digital Innovation at the global biopharmaceutical company, Almirall. 

The discussion goes in depth about an innovative new whole-patient approach to psoriasis, and without spoiling too much, we’re excited to announce that Happify and Almirall are teaming up to help psoriasis patients, with the rollout of a digital solution called CLARO. Almirall has made impressive strides in the fight against psoriasis. And now, Happify is joining forces with them to offer digital programs to patients in order to fuel more well-rounded solutions that support mental health issues associated with the disease like anxiety and depression. Happify Health’s evidence-based and clinically validated platforms deliver mental health solutions to patients who deal with chronic diseases like psoriasis. 

Tune in below to learn more about CLARO and the benefits it will deliver. You can also read the press release here.



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Featured Guest


Mohonad Fors

Head of Commercial Digital Innovation at Almirall

Mohanad is the Head of Global Commercial Digital Innovation & Head at Digital Garden at Almirall. Mohanad’s accolades include the European Excellence, Clio, and Cannes Lions awards for innovative health-first projects, like the first navigation application on smart watches, for visually impaired patients.

theo ahadome

Theo Ahadome

Senior Vice President of Commercialization, Pharma Specialty Solutions

Theo is responsible for establishing and expanding Happify's relationship with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to deliver evidence-based digital therapies for patients. Theo has prior extensive experience in the digital health and pharmaceutical industries, having held positions at Science 37 and Amgen. He has also led digital health consulting engagement for various tech and healthcare brands. He holds an MBA from Duke University - Fuqua School of Business, an MPhil in Technology Policy from Cambridge University and a BsC in Molecular Medicine from the University of Sussex, UK.

Hosted By


Murray Zucker, MD

CMO, Happify Health

Murray Zucker, MD, is the chief medical officer at Happify Health. Dr. Zucker has worked as a healthcare consultant and psychiatrist for more than 20 years. He's had senior leadership roles as a medical executive in the health insurance and managed care industries. He has consulted for large hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies, as well as for large provider groups. As a healthcare expert, Dr. Zucker has appeared on the “Today” show, “Good Morning America”, “20/20”, CNN, and the LA evening news. He has also been a featured guest host on radio programs and a quoted expert in prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and People magazine.


Eliane Boucher

Senior Director of Research Strategy at Happify Health

Eliane Boucher, Senior Director of Research Strategy has a PhD in Social/Personality Psychology and spent more than a decade in academic research before joining Happify Health. She helps to oversee Happify Health’s program of research, including analyzing platform data, prospective studies on the impact of Happify in various populations, patient-centered research, and other foundational research.